Oklahoma’s Haunted Heartland

October is “Haunted Heartland” month at Abandoned Oklahoma. With Halloween approaching fast, we figured why not do something special. So, during the month of October, we will be featuring the scariest places in Oklahoma. We are not ghost hunters, and don’t have any special equipment, but some of the places we have been do come off as pretty spooky. Plus, after doing the research for these places, we have found more than one tale of ghosts or deaths at the locations. When you think of abandoned buildings, one of the first things you think about is hauntings. So its natural to feature some of these stories for you to enjoy!

Ghost Asylum – Destination America Network

Abandoned Oklahoma joins The Tennessee Wraith Chaser team! The team travels to Oklahoma City to investigate an evil asylum known as St. Vincent’s Mental Home. A history of horror seems to have created a dark energy that is haunting these halls. Now, St. Vincent’s sits abandoned waiting for TWC.

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