Krème Nightclub

City/Town: Spencer
Location Class: Commercial
Year Built: N/A
Year Abandoned: N/A
Status: Demolished
Photojournalist: Cody CooperJustin Tyler MooreBilly Dixon

Kreme Nightclub once stood as a place of recreation in the spencer area off 23rd street. Today, the building is gone and the grass has grown over the earth where people used to enjoy dancing, billiards, and darts. Research was next to impossible with only one mention of Kreme online over at OKC Talk. Please share your memories and stories of this place in the comments below.

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Liam Marsh
Liam Marsh
3 years ago

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3 years ago

All the shots are just awesome! I have pleased to see them in one frame. By the way, if you need London escort agency you can check it out. Thank you so much and keep posting things like this. Have a good day!

5 years ago


6 years ago

This is an amazing demonstration of Kreme Nightclub various corners. I've never seen such photos and so enjoyed watching though. A perfect place for time pass!!

Gerald Scott Fleming II
6 years ago

They tore it down? I drive by there pretty frequently. I could have sworn the building was still there.

6 years ago

oh wow,,,,i used to hang out at this place way before it was kreme……so sad to see it fall apart,,,,many good memories

7 years ago

I found a bunch of information on this building:

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