Robberson Steel

City/Town: Oklahoma City
Location Class: Industrial
Year Built: 1909
Year Abandoned: 1988
Status: Abandoned
Photojournalist: Cody CooperJustin Tyler Moore

In 1909 John Bernard Klein founded the J. B. Klein Iron and Foundry Company in Oklahoma City. The company advertised foundry work of all types, including ornamental iron, brass work, wire, stairs, railings, fire escapes, and construction products. By the time Klein died in 1925, the company had begun to specialize in steel works for bridges, buildings, and roads. A significant number of Oklahoma’s early bridges were constructed by Klein’s company. After 1925 this work was continued by the firm’s general manager, Richard W. Robberson, who eventually bought the company. During World War II, J. B. Klein Iron and Foundry Company received a $1.2 million federal contract to furnish steel for the industrial buildings to be constructed at the Midwest City Douglas Aircraft Company plant. In 1942 the firm’s name was changed to Robberson Steel and Bridge Company. Originally located at 1535 Northwest Fifth Street, the establishment was later moved to 1401 Northwest Third Street and eventually to 1000 1024 Northwest Second Street. The company continued to operate as a steel fabrication firm until it was dissolved on December 15, 1988, after a lengthy bankruptcy process. In 1988 Robberson Steel employed approximately one hundred fifty individuals.

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Joe baars
Joe baars

Ex employee of the Robertsonwho chanced the entire production line to bring the at the time allowed diagonal measuring of 3/16 inch to 0 (ZERO) by elimination of the construction bolts Replacing it to tag welds and hereby Improving the production by at least 25% also here by avoiding all those costly returns this was In 1957 the at the time man in charge was a Irishman who had full face in me because of high entrepreneurial background as a millwright he stood 100% behind me He was the only one thanked me for it with a handshake The reason… Read more »

Justin Fletcher
Justin Fletcher

I ran around that shop on Saturdays when my Dad worked on weekends. Remember his office was a shed inside the building. John Fletcher was dads name. His Good friend at the Larry OzMent would always be in there on them days with his coffee cup in his right hand and cigerette in the left. seemed almost like a routine for them days. I’d walk around for a while just sayin hello to the guys i knew. Everybody called me gopher (or Go For). I know 2003 was a long time ago, but if anybody reading attended dads funeral. I… Read more »

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