Waukomis School

City/Town: Waukomis
Location Class: School
Year Built: 1936
Year Abandoned: 1999
Status: Gutted
Photojournalist: Michael SchwarzMary Evans

During the first few years of statehood the community thrived. By 1909 it offered residents Christian, Congregational, Evangelical Lutheran, and Methodist churches, a graded public school, and the weekly newspaper, rechristened as the Oklahoma Hornet. Telephones and electricity were also available. The number of businesses numbered forty-three, including four elevators. Dr. S. F. Scott built the first stone buildings in town, one an opera house, both on Main Street. While the number of enterprises declined by the time of World War I, agricultural services still included a flour mill, three elevators, and a creamery. Residents could keep their money in two banks and socialize through membership in the Masonic lodge and Eastern Star.

Read more at https://digital.library.okstate.edu/encyclopedia/entries/W/WA047.html

The school was constructed in 1915 and was later demolished, rebuilt, and reopened once again in the mid 30’s. Strangely enough, when the school was demolished, the school district chosen to leave the debris where it was and build the new school on top.  Some years gone by as the recently built school provided generations of young children education. Arising in the late mid 80‘s, enrollment numbers were declining and many people were moving into bigger cities. The Waukomis School district determined that they would build a smaller schools and desert the original building because of major disrepair. The gym was still used, up until 2003, when the floor was slowly warping due to water and heat damage. Today, the Waukomis current school staff is still discussing what they should do with the vacant school. There are thoughts of selling or demolishing the old Waukomis school.

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2 years ago

Is this place still standing? Google maps hasn’t been updated since 2014 and I am unable to find any articles on it.

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