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Texola Jail

Location Class:
Built: 1910 | Abandoned: N/A
Status: Abandoned
Photojournalist: Jeff Hodge

Texola is the last town in Oklahoma before crossing into theTexas panhandle. A once-bustling town, it now registers a population of just about 40. Constructed in 1910 this small territorial jail is made of concrete and metal bars, including a gas heater covered by a cage inside. On the walls of the jail are some news articles related to Oklahoma outlaws but it is not believed that they spent time here. Outfront is a concrete marker (presumably from the school) with the names of the class of 1938. This jail was used to house local disturbances, usually drunk and disorderly and was said to usually have one chair, one bed, and some blankets. It’s unknown the exact year this jail closed but many of these calabooses shut down in the 1930s although some were used even throughout the 1950s.

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Emily Cowan

Emily was brought into the Abandoned OK Team in December of 2019. “I’m not gonna lie I fangirled a bit. My first published post I was ecstatic, I felt like I finally had the right audience for my work. The opportunities that came with it made me love the website even more. I remember my first interview with a couple at Waukomis Christian Church. They had bought and restored the 1897 church and insisted on keeping the original sanctuary despite being advised on moving it. We talked with them for at least a good 40 minutes about the church, the abandoned Waukomis Middle School beside it, and the towns other disappearing buildings. They even rang the bell for us that has sat in the bell-tower for the last 120 something years ago. We could tell they were just as passionate about preserving Oklahoma’s dwindling history as we were. When interviewing people and hearing the first-hand stories and recollections of a place and seeing how a person connects to a building, it forms a connection between not only you and that person but yourself and that building.”

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