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Tydol Oil Refinery

Tydol Oil Refinery

Location Class:
Built: Early 1900's | Abandoned: 1954
Status: Abandoned
Photojournalist: Billy DixonDavid Linde

Tidewater of Tydol Oil Company was a major petroleum refining and marketing company in the U.S. for more than 80 years. Tidewater was best known for its Flying A-branded products and gas stations, and for Veedol motor oil, which was known throughout the world.

Tidewater, a national company, built this refinery in the Drumright area. The refinery was the center of the Tydol community, spawning a school house, grocery store and neighborhoods. When the Tydol refinery closed, many of the houses were moved out or torn down. The Tydol community virtually disappeared with the exception of the school house.

All that remains of the refinery are a few buildings, foundations and furnaces. All the processing units have been removed.
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