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Avon Motel

Avon Motel

Location Class:
Built: 1936 | Abandoned: ~1960
Status: AbandonedGutted
Photojournalist: Darrell Powers
Avon Motel
Avon Courts Motel Ca. ~1950

Avon Motel has long been a popularly photographed spot in Eastern Oklahoma, located on the western outskirts of Afton, Oklahoma. Built in 1936 by John Foley a prominent businessman in the Ottawa County area. There were seven units on the grounds with carports in between separating the units. The amenities provided at Avon Courts were panel ray heat, air conditioning and ideally located right off of Highway 60.

Avon Motel

The entire history of Avon Motel is mostly a mystery, a majority has gone undocumented throughout the years. A few of the owners in the later years have been documented though. It is shown that W.S. Garman owned the grounds prior to 1947, who then passed it to Lloyd A. Lombard. Lloyd Lombard owned it only for a brief period of time passing it along to Walter R. Trebilcock in 1948. Ownership was then turned over to William T. Morgan although it is unsure when he took over, he sold it to Harry L. Glover who continued running the motel until 1958. The last known owners of the Avon Courts when it was functioning were Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Godfrey of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Shortly after it is believed that the Avon C0urts Motel was abandoned and left to decay. Although there were at least seven units only three barren shells are left of the once-popular tourist stop. According to an Afton local, the current owner purchased the property with hopes of restoring the once-grand rooms but unfortunately, those plans never came to fruition.


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