Santa Fe Depot – Cushing

Location Class:
Year Built: 1918 | Year Abandoned: 1980
Status: AbandonedGutted
Photojournalist: David Linde

The old Santa Fe Depot at the west end of Broadway in downtown Cushing, was built about 1918 and abandoned in the 1980s. When rail service disappeared, the rails were ripped up and there was talk of tearing down what some say is the “best-looking old depot ” in the state. Chamber of commerce, city and civic leaders formed a corporation several years ago and acquired the old depot on nearly an acre of land. Since then, the property has passed hands a few times. Each owner plans on restoring the depot, but it hasn’t happened yet. At one point, a benefit concert was thrown to raise money for the restoration. Currently the depot sits empty, just as it has since the 80’s.

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4 months ago

There’s a monument that’s part of the NGS Network set long ago in 1934 or so, and it’s possibly still out there near the depot. When you look up the description for placement it says that the monument is X number of feet away from the, “White Peoples Waiting Room”.

6 years ago

We at the Cushing Chamber of Commerce have completed the feasibility study and are starting fundraising to begin the restoration of the depot by turning it into a pipeline interactive center! 🙂 We are so excited about this project!

6 years ago

This is just the loveliest depot. Nostalgia just sings from it every time we go down to look at it. We have petitioned The Great I Am to provide us the means to obtain it someday in order to refurbish it back to its original greatness by putting a business in a portion of it and also by establishing a museum room within it as well. We believe that it will add a great attraction to Cushing as well as a great deal of commerce for the town, not to mention that it will serve a great need for the… Read more »

10 years ago

Awesome depot! It is a shame this depot and the one you profiled in Ponca City can’t be put to better use

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