Vera Jail

Location Class:
Year Built: 1906 | Year Abandoned: N/A
Status: Abandoned
Photojournalist: Emily Cowan

Vera Jail at original location on Main St.

Mr. Carr donated a small bit of land just 135 by 82 feet, just off of Main Street to build a jail. Tin and timber were gathered from J.W. Chandler and Son Lumber Yard, the only lumber yard in town at the time. The materials were used to construct the outer building that enclosed the steel barred cage inside. Finished in 1906, it was fitted with two cells and two beds. This was a popular style of calaboose before the concrete pour-in-place method became popular after 1910. Metal scrappers and vandals stole the beds out of both cells so it was decided to move the jail in 1990-1991 behind town hall to help preserve one of the last historic buildings left in the town. There was a proposal to add the jail to the National Registry of Historic Places but was denied since it had been moved from its original site. It is still there behind Town Hall and accessible to go inside and take pictures.


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Daniel Lee Flyger
Daniel Lee Flyger
10 months ago

Does anyone have photos and information about the Friends (Quaker) Church in Vera? My great grandfather, Fred Simcox married Ester Butts dau. of Daniel Butts and Mary House Butts from Vera. My grandmother, Clover Simcox was born at Vera.

Amanda Bowman
Amanda Bowman
11 months ago

Where is the jail located?

Daniel Lee Flyger
Daniel Lee Flyger
1 year ago

Does anyone have a photo of the Friends Church at Vera?

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