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Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp.

Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp.

Location Class:
Built: 1953 | Abandoned: October 30, 1985
Status: Abandoned
Photojournalist: David Linde

Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp was opened in 1953 and produced 150,000 tons of urea fertilizer annually at its peak. The 360-acre complex consists of two ammonium plants, two urea plants, a prilling tower for pelletizing urea into fertilizer, and livestock feed supplements and support facilities. It was a big industry in Pryor that provided hundreds of jobs to the city and surrounding towns. In 1978 the plant shut down and was purchased by Kaiser Agricultural Chemicals a derivative of the Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Co.

Immediately talks ensued of reopening the plant after some issues amongst the company were worked out. The State Corporation Commission approved that the Kaiser Agricultural Chemicals could reopen after the plant was closed in 1978, putting about a hundred and fifty people out of a job. They wasted no time on reopening the plant and even had an agreement in the terms of reopening as to how fast they could be functioning again. Unfortunately, this was an achievement that didn’t last too long. Kaiser Agricultural Chemicals closed once again on October 30, 1985, after several years of the plant being unprofitable. The culprits were cited as a suffering agricultural market and competitors of lower-priced fertilizer. The plant was sold off to S&P Investments Corp. which was a Chicago-based business.





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