Sentinel Jail

Location Class:
Year Built: ~1915 | Year Abandoned: N/A
Status: Abandoned
Photojournalist: Robin Snow

The Sentinel jail is a tiny jail that looks a bit different from other Oklahoma tiny jails. It features thicker walls than the typical calaboose, two cells that have steel doors, and two small steel barred windows. It has a slanted roof and was constructed of concrete around ~1915. Although a “fancy” modern jail it was seldom used, a local newspaper reporting in 1917 that the jail had been without a tenant for so long that the “mind of the oldest inhabitant runneth not that far back.”

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Virginia Ann Jones
Virginia Ann Jones
6 months ago

I enjoyed your article on Slick, Oklahoma. Graduated in 1960. Left Port School, Oklahoma in 1953. Presently living in Bristow, Ok.

Virginia Ann Jones
Virginia Ann Jones
6 months ago

Do you have any information on Port School, near Sentinel, Oklahoma

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