Binger Jail

City/Town: Binger
Location Class: Jail
Year Built: 1908
Year Abandoned: N/A
Status: AbandonedPrivate Property
Photojournalist: Michael SchwarzEmily Cowan

The first jail in Binger was made of oak planks, laid flat, and studded with spikes. It was around for a short time until a German farmer by the name of Gottleib Schutze was burned to death while in the jail during his sentence in 1907. He was arrested for domestic violence against his wife when he piled his mattress and bedding against the door in an attempt to burn his way out. The building was discovered in flames and the prisoner had already perished, almost beyond recognition. A new jail, this time made of concrete, was constructed in the spring of 1908. It was in Sept. 1909 that the new jail was dedicated by the incarceration of a woman from out of town on the charge of disturbing the peace.

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“14 Sep 1909, 4 – The Oklahoma State Capital at”,

“7 Nov 1907, 7 – New-State Tribune at”,

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