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Hominy City Hospital

Hominy City Hospital

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Built: 1925 | Abandoned: 2000s
Status: AbandonedUnder Renovation
Photojournalist: Don TaylorEmily Cowan
Hominy City Hospital
Hominy City Hospital Newspaper

By 1920 it was evident Hominy needed a bigger hospital to serve the 2,500 residents in Osage County. Miss Winifred Williamson at one point had started taking flu and pneumonia patients into her house. She promoted the need for a new hospital project. In early January of 1922 plans for a hospital were partially made up and Hominy, Tulsa, and a few other towns were contenders for the new hospital. Hominy was awarded the contract of the new hospital on Sept. 8, 1924. Wm. Wilson, a resident of Hominy, won the general construction contract with a bid of $19,540. It was the intention of city officials to get as much of the project and furnishing done locally to save costs.

On Feb. 16, 1925, the hospital officially opened holding an open house for the crowd of several hundred to walk through and admire the facility. It was furnished with 21 beds, women’s and men’s wards, and 6 private rooms. The project cost around $40,000 to make the hospital fully equipped.

For unknown reasons at this time, the Hominy City Hospital closed in the late 1960s. For years after its time as a hospital, it was repurposed as apartments. Years later it was sold, the new owners started the process of converting the property into a ten-bedroom five-bathroom private residence. By the looks of it and talk of the town, residents say that the project has been halted for some time now leaving the property officially abandoned since the ~2000s.

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Emily Cowan

Emily is a two-time published author of "Abandoned Oklahoma: Vanishing History of the Sooner State" and "Abandoned Topeka: Psychiatric Capital of the World". With over two hundred published articles on our websites. Exploring since 2018 every aspect of this has become a passion for her. From educating, fighting to preserve, writing, and learning about history there is nothing she would rather do.

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