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Meridian, OK

Meridian, OK

Location Class:
Built: 1905 | Abandoned: N/A
Status: Disappearing Town
Photojournalist: AbandonedOK TeamEric Price

Meridian received its name from the Indian Meridian on which it is located. This line is used as the main street and also separates the town into two townships. The west half being in Bear Creek Township, and the east half in South Cimmarron Township.

In 1902 the townsite was laid out by the Meridian Right-of-Way and Townsite company, and very soon many homes were built and the town began to be populated.

In late 1902, the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad was built through the town and soon after the Fort Smith and Western established a branch line through Meridian and on to Guthrie.

During a fire in 1908, much of the downtown was destroyed, and was later rebuilt in 1920 when a small boom hit the town and grocery stores, cafe’s, music parlors, Meridian Mills, garages, blacksmith shops, and department stores were built. Several doctors also opened up a few drugstores and the post office was rebuilt as well.

Meridian’s first school was located in an upper story of the drugstore, but was destroyed in the fire and in 1936, a large sandstone school was built by the Works Progress Administration for the white children, and later the L’Overture school was built for the black children. In 1970, both schools were closed and the school district annexed to Coyle.

Meridian School/Community Church
Built: 1935 Abandoned: 2010s

Congregational Church

L’Ouverture School
Built: 1951 Abandoned: 1970

Meridian, OK
L’Overture Separate School May 20, 1951 Provided by Bryan Studio

Meridian’s new L’Ouverture school building for negro students will be dedicated Monday at 8:15 p. m. , and will be open for inspection both Monday and Tuesday, Mrs. Eva Redman, county superintendent, has announced.”

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