John Marshall High School

City/Town: Oklahoma City
Location Class: School
Year Built: 1950
Year Abandoned: 2007
Status: Demolished
Photojournalist: Cody CooperJustin Tyler MooreMichael Schwarz

John Marshall opened in early 1950 to serve the need for a high school in the ever-growing suburbs in far north Oklahoma City. In comparison to other high schools built by the OKCPS at this time it was considered the best. It features 2 gyms, tennis courts, football fields, and an auditorium. It thrived well into the 1970’s until the surrounding area began to declined. Once a feeder for students from Nichols Hills, Quail Creek, Val Verde, and the Greens, it saw its enrollment fade as these students began flocking to the private schools that dot the north side of the city. Crime began to rise in the 80’s and Marshall gained a horiblle reputation for gang activity and violence. As part of Maps For Kids, a campaign began by the citizens to improve the area schools, John Marshall was tapped for re-location to portland and Lake Hefner Parkway. The citizens of Quail Creek, The Greens, The Meadows and Arbors, and Val Verde fought desperately to not have this bad reputaion right on their front doorstep. But to no avail. They lost the fight and the new John Marshall opened in 2005. Splitting students between the new location and the old for a year, they finally closed the original John Marshall in 2006. The OKCPS attempted to open the school as “Centennial High School” as an alternative school for the closed Gateway Avademy, but this did not pan out. After a semester those students were transfered to the new school. The rambling old high school shows its age with weeds coming through the tennis courts, boarded windows, and a sign barely visible charting the achievements of its better days.

Thanks to Amado Rodriguez of Oklahoma City Public Schools for the tour.

A few update pictures of 2011-2012 Go to to see even MORE!

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